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Dewayne Millbrooks (Trophy Boi)

Born September 6th, 1986, in Little Rock, Arkansas, and raised in a small town called Marvel, Trophy Boi was introduced to a young group called “Careless Click” in 2000 and that’s when he recognized his passion for Hip-Hop. Trophy Boi knew right then and there that he had to relocate to a different area to get his music heard. Everyday Dewayne jotted down verses, punch lines, hooks, put together songs, while having doubters in Arkansas. With Marvel's population being only 1,395 it was time to prove the critics wrong.

Trophy graduated High School in 2005 and off he went to the big city - Chicago. In 2007 Trophy found a studio called Lab 32. The owner’s name was Jeff and Jeff loved Trophy Boi’s energy and the way he would come in the studio and put together three tracks in only one hour. Jeff mentioned that he never met anyone who had come into the studio so ready and determined.

Trophy put together his first mix-tape, called “I'm Just Me”, making over $10,000 in sales in the process. As the word moved around about this new rapper, a label by the name of D.U.V signed him in 2008. Trophy began to collaborate with Twista on music that got radio air play and also met other celebs such as Slim Thug, Ace Hood, Willie North Pole, Gansta Boo, Pastor Troy, Akon, Unlady Like, Hurricane Chris, and many more.

Trophy released his second mix-tape called "One Take Shawty" and split from the label, founding his new and improved establishment: World-Wide Marketing-Finance Consulting LLC, along with his manager Casuel D Pitts Jr. Immediately his establishment went into effect and Trophy Boi was marketed to major labels, including Def Jam. Trophy Boi got a chance to perform in front of Def Jam's VP Lenny S Santiago, who raved about Trophy's music. As of 2011 Trophy Boi has an established Marketing Team and the T.T.G. movement.